TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments in Los Angeles

You should not have to live with the pain and discomfort that comes from TMJ disorder. Treatment options can be fast and effective as long as your dentist sufficiently identifies the problem. Dr. Sid Solomon, TMJ expert and Neuromuscular Dentist with focus on Gnathology, has made it his life mission to help every patient get relief from TMJ.

Our primary objective is to correct the bite and realign the jaw. We determine the best course of treatment after conducting a CBCT Scan, an ultrasound, and a TSCAN bite analysis. Once we have determined the source of the problem, we will know how to proceed. Treatment options calculating and maintaining the optimal position of the jaw with oral orthotics, therapeutic Botox®, dental reconstruction, or other options.

TMJ Orthotics

Dr. Sid Solomon has found that one of the most precise and effective treatment options for TMJ is a Neuromuscular Dentist with focus on Gnathology orthotics. Each mouthpiece is highly customized for each patient. The orthotics are fitted so that the patient can function with the orthotic both day and night.

In order to customize the Neuromuscular Dentist with focus on Gnathology orthotics, we first complete a neuromuscular workup that includes taking impressions, X-rays, and measurements of the current bite. The second step is bite registration, which can take up to two hours. Bite registration is performed in our tensing room,
which is designed for jaw relaxation. There is soft lighting, gentle music, calming aromatherapy, a massage chair, and other clinically proven relaxation techniques. After spending some time in this room while being treated with TENS (transcutaneous electronerval stimulation), the patient is relieved and less tense, and their jaw sits at its natural alignment.

Once the jaw is properly aligned, a model of the jaw and bite is created using the latest myotronics technologies. Using the K7 computer system designed specifically for the purposes of neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Solomon can create a prosthetic jaw mold. We then send the measurements to our hand-picked and highly trained laboratory technicians who will create the perfect-fitting orthotic for you to wear. Depending on the treatment plan customized for each patient, we will continue to see the patient for adjustments of the orthoic.

Botox® for TMJ

Botox® injections can be used to treat TMJ disorder. Dr. Solomon is a gnathological neuromuscular dentist with expertise in the muscles and nerves of the head, face, and neck. We offer a variety of facial pain treatments, including therapeutic Botox®, within the scope of dentistry.

Therapeutic Botox® helps keep the jaw muscles relaxed for up to three months after administration. Although it is not a cure for TMJ, it is a viable treatment option to help manage the pain. Patients treated with therapeutic Botox® report a decrease in headaches, teeth grinding, and facial pain.

The treatments will feel similar to a pinch. We will go over proper home care and after care methods with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment.

Dr. Sid Solomon is the inventor of the UniTox® syringe, which is the only FDA-approved Botox® syringe. He also teaches other injectors how to effectively treat TMJ disorder with therapeutic Botox®.

Invisalign® for TMJ

Invisalign® is a treatment option that is generally only used to help straighten teeth. As a preferred Invisalign provider, Dr. Solomon is properly equipped to provide all of the benefits of Invisalign®, including better oral hygiene. Furthermore, if the patient presents with a misaligned jaw, Dr. Solomon can use Invisalign® to get the teeth back into proper position and help TMJ disorder.

Patients who have had positive results with our oral orthotics are good candidates to continue with Invisalign® as Phase II of their treatment plan. Not every patient who undergoes TMJ treatment will need Invisalign® for the second phase, but some may.

As a technologically advanced office, we’re proud to offer iTero ® Digital Scanning. iTero® captures numerous high-quality images of your teeth and structure in full color. This allows us to identify diseased tissue, create a digital model of your mouth, and even simulate the outcome of a specific treatment.

Other Treatments for TMJ

In some cases, TMJ disorder can be addressed with surgery, but it is seldom the first option. Types of surgery may include an open-joint surgery, an arthroscopic surgery, a modified condylotomy, and more.

Before surgery is considered, though, it pays to explore other options. Massages and muscle-relaxing techniques can help loosen the tightness of a locking jaw or an overworked temporomandibular joint. Jaw exercises and physical therapy can also benefit those afflicted with TMJ.

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Our TMJ treatments and procedures are all approved by the American Dental Association. Neuromuscular dentistry and gnathological neuromuscular dentistry use surface electromyography (SEMG), computer mandibular scanning (CMS), and sonography via a K7 unit to find the patient’s optimal bite.

Contact Dr. Sid Solomon today to set up a consultation to discuss your symptoms and plan a course of action to address your TMJ disorder. Our TMJ treatments are unequaled in Los Angeles, as Dr. Solomon is the only certified Neuromuscular Dentist with focus on Gnathology in the area.