Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction

Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction

Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction: Why Do You Need It?

Full mouth dental reconstruction is truly an art. The process of rebuilding and restoring all 28 teeth is complicated and complex because not only do the teeth need to look natural and attractive, they must also function at an optimal level as a family. 28 teeth coming together in perfect unison is a process that Dr. Solomon’s gnathological experience ameliorates by milestones.

Having completed many full mouth restoration cases during the span of his 37 year career, Dr. Solomon is the best choice and the most skilled artist when it comes to whole mouth reconstruction.

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Why do you need full mouth dental reconstruction?

The need for full mouth reconstruction can result from a variety of occlusion and dental conditions. This may include decayed, fractured, or eroded teeth that have degraded over time or due to trauma. On the other hand, Full Mouth Reconstruction may also be needed to address ongoing issues with jaw, muscle, and bite (occlusion).

Since these factors are influenced by the position of the teeth and alignment of the bite, reconstructing the mouth can alleviate pressure on the jaw, relieving headaches, pains, and muscle tension.

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Dental full mouth reconstruction benefits

There are many benefits to a full mouth restoration – both cosmetic and medical. This procedure can restore the appearance of your smile, fix functional issues of your teeth and mouth, improve the health of your teeth, and treat symptoms of periodontal disease.

Certain oral health conditions, like Gum Disease, have been linked to other medical issues that could become increasingly threatening if not addressed early. Taking care of your oral health is just as important as the rest of your body.

Full mouth reconstruction process

Full mouth dental reconstruction generally consists of only 2 visits. At the first visit, Dr. Solomon will prepare all of the teeth and provide the patient with custom temporaries. On the second visit, Dr. Solomon will deliver the final restoration, usually comprised of crowns or veneers.

If needed, we can provide full IV sedation anesthesia by a licensed dental anesthesiologist in order to make the process as comfortable and painless as possible.


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