Los Angeles, California, Family Dentist

CCIND | Dr. Sid Solomon DDS | Cosmetic Dentist | TMJ Expert | Los Angeles will strive to tend to the dental needs of your entire family. For this reason, our dentist is trained as a family dentist. Family dentists are quite the same as a general dentist, but they are also trained to deal with children and adolescents. Special training is required for the psychological differences between children, adolescents and adults. This helps make it easier to communicate with different age groups and keep patients at ease. For families, this is a great way to keep dentist appointments confusion free. It is also more convenient for families, especially if appointments can be accommodated on the same day. Another benefit of family dentists is the fact that they will be aware of any and all issues with oral history since he or she can see the patient through as they grow.

Family dentists perform general oral maintenance, such as cleanings, extractions, fillings and whitening treatments. Proper dental hygiene is taught from an early age, in order to avoid cavities and other oral issues, such as gum disease. The two most frequent oral diseases are tooth decay and gum disease. We will do our best to always educate our patients about proper oral care and hygiene habits.

CCIND | Dr. Sid Solomon DDS | Cosmetic Dentist | TMJ Expert | Los Angeles is a fantastic choice for a family dentist. Our courteous and responsible staff is here to serve all of your family’s dental needs with pride and kindness. Our staff undergoes rigorous training to best serve our patients of all ages. If at any time or for any reason, we feel that a minor patient’s needs would be best served by a specialist, we will gladly refer you to a pediatric dentist whom you can trust.

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