Treated Conditions

Learn how to identify the symptoms of TMJ, or TMD, including headaches, jaw pain and muscle pain.

Treatment Methods

See our methods and procedures for effectively treating simple to complex TMJ (TMD) cases from our TMJ dentist, Dr. Sid Solomon.

Dr. Sid Solomon

General Dentistry, TMJ Specialist, Cranio-Mandibular Facial Pain and Esthetic Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

TMJ Dentist Los Angeles, California | Dr. Sid Solomon

Dr. Sid Solomon, has over 30 years of experience in treating neuromuscular dentistry needs of patients. Patients from all over the world come to Los Angeles to cure their TMD disorder. Thousands of these Los Angeles patients have left reviews positing Dr. Sid Solomon as one of the top gnathological neuromuscular dentists in Los Angeles. Our dentist has been featured on Los Angeles Top Rated Doctors as one of the most renowned TMJ dentists. Dr. Solomon has also been highlighted on the famous TV show, “The Doctors.”

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