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The 10 Symptoms of TMJ Syndrome And What You Can Do About It

TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome or disorder). Commons conditions, such as headaches, migraines, and TMJ affect more 10.8 million Americans according to the American Dental Association.

Here are some of the top syndromes and what causes them:

  1. Clicking amp; popping of the joint is what’s known as TMJ (Cause: Lack of cartilage at the rear hinge point).
  2. Grinding sounds (Cause: Irregular bone surface at rear hinge point).
  3. Headaches and migraine headache (Cause: Pressure of ball condoyle of joint pushing on weak bone structure at rear of joint).
  4. Dizziness (Cause: Lack of blood flow to brain when blood vessels are obstructed.
  5. Ringing in the ears (Cause: Pressure on ear canal).
  6. Excessive wear on teeth (Cause: Subconscious effort to eliminate misalignment of jaw joint (TMJ) by changing shape of teeth by grinding).
  7. Severe pain all over head (Cause: Pinching of nerves by ball of jaw hinging at rear of socket fossa).
  8. Pain in neck (Cause: Unknown, however most The first online casino € 250 satellitedishcanada free spins will be credited as soon as this step is presupposed and the money was booked properly TMJ suffers experience it).
  1. Earache (Cause: pressure on ear canal).
  2. Sensitivity to light (Cause: Unknown).

People in Los Angeles are some of the most susceptible to TMJ headaches.

When you sleep at night, if you grind your teeth in Los Angeles, your jaw muscles are too tight, sooner or later you will feel pain. When jaw muscles are too tight for too long, you start to experience symptoms of TMJ.

When you have chronic tightness at the jaw, sooner or later the tightness starts to spread, effecting muscles in the jaw, face and head. These symptoms lead to TMJ headache. Los Angeles seems to have more doctors per mile than anywhere else in America, if not the world. Some of the top specialists of TMJ Headaches in Los Angeles are easy to find with a google search.

One of the top specialists for TMJ Headaches in Los Angeles is Dr. Sid Solomon, who runs the Center for Cosmetic, Implant, and TMJ Dentistry, the place to turn to for all your neuromuscular dentistry needs in Los Angeles.

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