TMJ Diaries: Joy’s TMJ Treatment Story

by | Nov 13, 2021 | General Dentistry, TMJ Specialist

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She was a hard working woman and mother. She had learned to swallow her pain and push forward every single second of every single day. She woke up with a massive headaches at 5:30 every morning. It was as though her face and head  had been at war all night. Jaw pain, sore teeth, facial aches, and headaches all over: left and right temples, forehead, back of the head.  She had learned to mask the pain with band aids such as harmful medication, addictive sedatives, and even the good old remedies like hot showers and coffee!  She would drive her daughter to school and pretend to be “fine.” She would go in to work and pretend some more.  As hard as she pretended and as hard as she tried, the pain would creep up like a crouching tiger at any given moment and totally take control.  The hissing sound in her ears, the clicking and popping sounds of her jaw, the clenching sounds of her teeth. She sometimes thought she was going crazy!


There finally came a day when she just could not stand the headaches and jaw pain any longer.  She was unable to pretend, unable to smile, unable to drive her daughter to school, unable to go to work, and basically unable to function.  In one of her darkest moments, when she was totally at her end, she picked up her phone and resorted to the the most useful and helpful tool of our modern times: Google.  With an aching face, pounding head, sore neck muscles and the deepest cry for help ever she typed her symptoms.  Not knowing exactly what she was doing, she was driven by google’s search bots to something she had heard of but never thought much of: TMJ- temporomandibular joint dysfunction.  She started to read and then read some more and more: tmj treatment, tmj expert, tmj specialist, tmj pain…   These words were all making more and more sense to her like pieces of a mysterious yet obvious puzzle.   Like a moth to a flame, drawn by the fire of her endless pain, she typed and read more and more until she knew without a doubt that she should look into TMJ treatment.

That dark and terrible day ended up being the best day in Joy’s life.  She called our office that day and expressed her unbearable pain to us.  My staff understood the severity of her situation and despite the already  full schedule , got her in to see Dr. Sid Solomon for a TMJ consultation and Neuroumuscular evaluation.  She was diagnosed with TMJ and started treatment right away.  We hooked her up to the K7 machine, ran scan after scan, hooked her up to the TENS unit, ran more scans until we found her proper bite.  She was fit with an orthosis 7 days later and began her journey to a pain-free lie.


It has been 3 months now since that very important day when Joy decided to take action and found TMJ help.  She is back at work and functioning and full capacity.  Her daughter is getting to school on time every day by her mom.  Life is beautiful! Thank you Joy for trusting us with your TMJ care and thank you for letting us share your story.


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