The FIVE signs that it IS TMJ Disorder

by | Nov 19, 2021 | General Dentistry, TMD Specialis, TMJ Specialist

Often times, we find ourselves in pain and diagnosing ourselves with crazy, off-the-wall diseases and disorders based on what Google matches to our symptoms. This being said, there is no need to self-diagnose TMJ Disorder: Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS is a leading Los Angeles neuromuscular and cosmetic expert of nearly thirty years. If you are experiencing TMJ Disorder symptoms or signs, especially the following, come in today to get a one-on-one consultation that leads to a genuine, professional diagnosis without any second guesses.

  1. Headaches, migraines, and sinus pain are all symptoms of TMJ Disorder , especially when frequent and long-lasting. Facial tenderness and pain are also one of the most common symptoms when dealing with TMJ. This can often lead to bigger problems because patients often turn to over the counter and prescription medicine to cure the headaches and migraines, often overlooking the fact that there is certainly a cause behind them, which can lead to overdose. (See our blog about accidental opiate abuse and the effects HERE.)
  2. Secondly but just as significant, pain, locking, and stiffness in the actual jaw is indubitably one of the number one symptoms of TMJ. Although there is the chance that it could be a different ailment such as lockjaw, typically, especially accompanied with one or all of the other symptoms and signs on this list, it will be TMJ Disorder. Clicking and popping noises when opening or closing the jaw and mouth are also a sign. Because of the limited jaw opening and odd jaw movements, often times this also contributed to an off or uneven bite. With this also comes problems IN the mouth, including achy teeth, cracked teeth, sore and tender gums, and difficulty swallowing.
  3. Pain or ringing in the ears is a third, major factor in TMJ diagnosis. If this is one of your symptoms, come in as soon as possible for a consultation, because this can actually lead to permanent hearing loss. Because of the fact that the TMJ joint is directly associated with the ears, earaches and lessened hearing can be related to this symptom, causing patients to think they have an ear infection. If you have been to a doctor and they didn’t detect an ear infection, come see Dr. Sid Solomon, because there is a high chance you have TMJ Disorder.
  4. One of the most surprising of the main TMD symptoms is pain in the neck and the back. Although not typically a standalone symptom, when experienced with others on this list, neck pain and stiffness, tense shoulders complete with pain, and even lower back pain are all symptoms of TMJ Disorder.
  5. Last but not least, newfound eye pain and vision problems are a big indicator of TMD that many people overlook. Although it can be a surprising symptom, the face is incredibly interconnected. Patients are often startled by random bouts of blurry vision, bloodshot eyes, pressure behind the eyes, burning, and especially sensitivity to light, but these symptoms, especially in correlation with others, are a definite sign of TMJ Disorder.

TMJ Disorder can be caused by a multitude of things, from facial impact to a car accident, from the biting of nails to arthritis. As a result of even day-to-day trauma, no matter how slight, a lot of Americans are experiencing these life-altering symptoms and signs with no reprieve, even after visiting doctor after doctor. Look no further if this is you: schedule an hour long consultation personally with Dr. Sid Solomon today, conveniently located at three locations in and around Los Angeles, and live the pain-free life you deserve once again.

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