Stop Living in Fear by Dr. Sid Solomon DDS, TMJ Expert

by | Nov 16, 2021

Fear and Pain go hand in hand.  Originally, fear was meant to help us react to danger as a method of survival.  In that sense, fear is a good thing.  More modernly, in a thriving world of competition and advancement, fear is a negative thing that does not let us move forward.  There is fear of failure, fear of mistakes, fear of the unknown and fear of pain.  In my dealings with TMJ patients, I see the fear of pain as one of the most prevalent problems that TMJ sufferers are forced to deal with

The problem with fear of pain is that it can be quite destructive.  The fear of pain leads patients to live with the pain rather than finding a way to deal with and eradicate the pain.  In my TMJ office in Los Angeles, I have so many patients that have lived with TMJ pain for years and years because they were too afraid to find a solution.  The headaches, the facial pain, jaw clicking and popping are ignored and masked with Tylenol because patients are too afraid to deal with the source of the problem.

The best way to deal with fear is to deal with it! The most liberating moment in the life of a TMJ patient is often gaining control of the situation and understanding what is causing the pain.  There is so much to be said about the power of understanding.  My TMJ consultations are meant to educate and empower my patients so that they can take charge of the situation and go from being a victim of TMJ pain to a strong survivor of TMJ pain.  But this level of understanding can only truly be reached if the patient decides to face the fear and make a change.  Even change is often a scary thing, but don’t we all feel so much better after change is accomplished?

The answers are out there, all you have to go is to go and look for them.  I encourage you to stop hiding your pain, and start facing it.  Once you face TMJ pain, you will ultimately gain control of the pain and eventually eliminate it for good.



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