Orthotic Splints: The Non-Invasive approach to TMJ Disorder Treatment

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Orthotic Splints

Although there are many treatments for TMJ Disorder, ranging from self-care to surgical procedures, Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS believes that for many cases, an orthosis device is the best route of action. After practicing for nearly thirty years as a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Sid Solomon is genuinely a TMJ expert, as he truly and deeply understands the muscles and nerves of face, head and neck.  Because of his exponential knowledge, Dr. Solomon has mastered the ability to treat TMJ Disorders with an occlusal splint also known as an orthosis. An orthosis a re-positioning splint custom made for the lower mandible and used to retrain the lower jaw into its ideal position.   “How do these splints work?” is a question that Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS hears often during his one-on-one, personalized hour long consultations. The first and main way the splints work is by allowing the muscles and ligaments in the face to relax, therefore relieving a lot of tension and clenching that can be a main cause behind TMJ Disorders. The splint also often protects against the subconscious teeth grinding that comes along with teeth clenching.  Because of the technique Dr. Solomon uses to produce the splint, which includes using a TENSING machine to locate the most relaxed and ideal position of the jaw, the splint adjusts the bite into the ideal position, which also allows the jaw muscles to relax. If you are experiencing TMD symptoms and are ready to find a lifelong reprieve, call us today to schedule an consultation at one of our three offices. Dr. Sid Solomon, premiere Los Angeles neuromuscular dentist and TMJ expert, will give you undivided attention, discussing your symptoms and history, in order to create a personalized treatment plan to make your life pain free once again. To find out more about Dr. Sid Solomon, go to any of the following links:




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