New Year, New You, Old TMJ?

by | Nov 13, 2021 | General Dentistry, TMJ Specialist

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The holidays are finally over and we are all getting back to reality- even TMJ reality.   It’s time to get back in the driver’s seat of our lives and take charge of this new year.  This is the time we come up with all of those amazing, infinite, glorious New Year’s resolutions; most of which we forget about just as soon as the daily grind takes over and we are left dealing with the momentary challenges of making our live work… We forget about that optimistic dream of doing it right, about that positive attitude and we get caught up in the various webs of our lives.


If you are dealing with TMJ issues and have been so for any extended period of time, please know that you are not alone.  Before you get caught up in the web of your life and before you start believing that you are somehow destined to live in pain, call Dr. Solomon and come in for a TMJ consultation.  You do not have to live life in pain.  If you are experiencing headaches, jaw pain, clicking, popping, ringing in the ears and other related symptoms which are all explained on our main page, then you must act now.  TMJ pain is real and TMJ relief is a choice.  All you have to do is make the choice to find TMJ relief.  Do your due diligence and find a practitioner that is genuinely dedicated to TMJ and solving the pain puzzle.


We would love to welcome you to our family of patients.  Come visit Dr. Sid Solomon DDS, the premier TMJ expert in Los Angeles. 310-475-5598

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