Most Common TMJ Symptoms- What you need to know

by | Nov 17, 2021

“When I get up in the morning, I think about just ending it…”  alarming words to hear from anyone, specially a patient… but words I often hear as a TMJ expert.

TMJ is one of the most self diagnosed issues I have ever come across and the patients that come to me for looking for a TMJ specialist are very often at then end of their ropes. They come to me and they cry.  They cry about their pain, their confusion, their fear and their worry about their condition.  They are looking for a really good TMJ specialist to help them out.  They need an expert TMJ opinion.  With all the patients I have seen, all the knowledge I have gained, all the education and formal classes, I truly believe that the most important factor in being a good doctor is one thing and only one thing: compassion.  When I deal with my patients, I feel their pain and treat them exactly as I would want to be treated.  Compassion is key and I wish all doctors could employ this as a foundation for services.

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