Making a Plan for Oral Health

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Taking care of your teeth requires more attention to brushing and flossing. It also requires a life style change aimed at benefitting your total oral health. These tips are designed to help you make the right alterations to your life style, so you can keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

Define Needs

Everyone has different needs with regards to oral health, especially depending on individual circumstances. It’s important that you speak with your dentist to establish any special conditions you need to be made aware of. You should also cue your dentist into your medical history, listing any potential issues like pregnancy or cancer treatments, which could create the need for increased dental health care.

Develop Routines

Your dentist can also help you develop and follow routines designed to keep your teeth healthy. An oral routine is something you can follow daily without too much difficulty. Dentists will recommend that you brush at least twice daily, and that you floss. Failure to do so will lead to build up of plaque, and eventually tartar as the plaque hardens. You should brush for at least two minutes each day, but dentists recommend brushing after every meal.

Also, if you find yourself unable to brush, an apple makes an excellent natural tooth brush. Chew an apple or rinse with warm water, if you are unable to get to your tooth brush.

Mouth Wash

Mouth was is very important to oral health, but you have to know which one to buy. Avoid mouth washes that have heavy alcohol content. Your saliva breaks the sugars in the alcohol down, and that leads to plaque build up. Anti-bacterial mouth wash will assist your efforts brushing in destroying bacteria, and fluoridated mouth wash will help to restore the enamel on your teeth.

Bear in mind that tap water does contain fluoride, but those levels usually aren’t high enough to benefit the average person. Your dentist may be able to recommend some fluoride treatments to keep your enamel healthy.


Balanced Diet

A balanced diet isn’t just good for the body, it helps your teeth as well. You will want to stay hydrated, and avoid drinks like coffee, wine or tea. These beverages can cause gum disease, due to the buildup of sugars, or they can lead to teeth staining. Whitening treatments can help, but a balanced diet will cut dow


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