How to pick the right TMJ specialist consultation

by | Nov 13, 2021 | General Dentistry, TMD Specialis, TMJ Specialist

Choose The Right Tmj Specialist
The first step to getting true answers once and for all about your potential TMJ issues or problems is a TMJ Consultation.  There are many TMJ doctors that offer TMJ consultations in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas and there are certainly many great options.  In choosing the one that is right for you, we suggest you do your due diligence to find out what the consultation entails. 


To find the right TMJ consultation with the right TMJ specialist, here are some good questions to ask when you call the doctor office:

1) Is the TMJ consultation with the doctor himself or one of his staff members?  

2) How long is the TMJ consultation?

3) What is the cost of the TMJ consultation?

4) What is the doctor’s goal for the TMJ consultation?

5) Will there be any diagnostic tests done during the TMJ consultation?

6) How many years has the doctor been treating TMJ cases?

7) What are the TMJ treatment options that the doctor offers?

The following are the answers in regards to TMJ consultations with Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS:

1) The TMJ consultation in our office is with Dr. Sid Solomon from start to finish.

2) The TMJ consultation is an hour long.

3) The consultation costs $250.

4) Dr. Solomon’s goal for the consultation is to come up with a solid and true diagnosis and to go over viable and affordable treatment options.

5) There are definitely diagnostic tests done during the consultation, including a physical exam and even x-rays, if necessary.

6) Dr. Sid Solomon has been successfully treating TMJ cases for the past 29 years.

We welcome and encourage you to watch a sample video of a TMJ consultation Dr. Solomon did recently to get an idea and feeling for what a true TMJ consultation should be: 


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