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I have found in all of my years treating TMJ patients that sometimes it is harder for them to find me than it is for me to cure them!  Many patients come to me after spending years addicted to medication they do not need, taking MRI’s and Scans they did not need, seeing ENT after ENT that did not help, and being told over and over again that it is all in their head. 


I am here to tell you loud and clear that TMJ pain is REAL and there are professionals such as myself that can genuinely help patients suffering from headaches, facial pain, clicking and popping of jaw joints, grinding and clenching, ringing in the ears, shoulder pain, neck pain and the list goes on… not to mention the psychological ramifications associated with these symptoms such as depression, aggression, and even in certain cases suicide!  


Finding the right TMJ specialist is a bit of a challenge, given all the doctors that are out there and all the claims they make.  Making the right choice for TMJ treatment is crucial because the right choice can mean an improved life while the wrong choice could mean an absolute waste of time.

Here is some inside information to help you make the right choice and find the best TMJ Expert for you!


1) Don’t let Free Consultations fool you.

I have been practicing for 28 years and after all this time and all the patients I have treated, the first consultation is THE most important visit of all.  This is the time for you as a patient to determine whether this is the right TMJ specialist for you.  If the Dr. if offering free consultation, take time and call the office and find out what the consultation entails before jumping the gun and booking an appointment.  You must do your due diligence and make sure the consultation will give you the answers you are needing.  Find out who the consultation will be with. Find out how much they will be spending on your visit.


2) Make sure the office is equipped with proper technology to find your optimal bite.

The K7 is the best invention since bread! This computerized technology allows us to take EMG’s of your Jaw just like they take EKG’s of your heart at the cardiologist.  This technology is essential if note crucial to treating TMJ.  Without a K7, you are only a getting a night gaurd and you should only be paying for a night guard.  The orthosis, or jaw repositioning appliance, is crafted using k7 measurements with the objective of finding the optimal bite position.  This bite position is an unknown that CAN NOT be eye-balled or guessed.  It must be scientifically calculated by a trained professional.  Any general dentist can you make you a night guard.  Only a neuromuscular dentist with a k7 can make you an orthosis.


3) Trust your heart as well as your mind.

Check out the doctor’s website and make a call to the office and find out what their general attitude is.  Do they seem to spend enough time with you on the phone? How important is treating TMJ to the office? Do they seem caring or are you just another new patient?  It is important to do your due diligence in finding the right TM expert but you also have to go on instinct.  IF you feel something is off or sounds too good to be true, then chanced are it probably is.


There are many qualified TMJ dentists in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, there are dozens and dozens who claim to be a TMJ expert or TMJ specialist.  You must trust yourself to weed through the advertising and find the right TMD doctor in Los Angeles to help YOU.  The right choice will make a world of difference, so take your time and make the best decision you can.

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