Halloween with TMJ Disorder: Candy to Avoid

by | Nov 13, 2021 | Candy, General Dentistry, TMD Specialis, TMJ Specialist

Halloween Candy Teeth
It is that time of year again and Halloween is fast approaching! Along with costumes, parties and fun decorations, candy is in abundance this time of year. Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS, leading Los Angeles Neuromuscular Dentist and TMJ Expert, know that living with TMJ Disorder and pain can bring an end quick to the festivities. Instead of treating you, TMJ can be incredibly tricky to manage when surrounded by candies of all types; however, you can enjoy many candies if you just stay away from a few!


First of all, chewy candy is the worst for people who suffer from TMD. Laffy taffy, tootsie rolls, caramel, and gum are particularly bad; not only do they get stuck in your teeth, affecting your bite, but because they require extra chewing, they add a lot of unnecessary stress on the jaw and joints. Above all else, avoid these candies in order to prevent TMJ pain flair-ups.


Secondly, crunchy candy can really cause TMJ Disorder pain to act up. Peanut M&Ms, Nerds, Butterfingers, and the Crispy Crunchy Reese’s are all candies that require more jaw strength than others. Because of this, TMJ Disorder symptoms such as clicking in the jaw can show full force when enjoying these candies, taking the enjoyment out of them.


Last, but not least, hard candy is very difficult on the teeth and jaw in general, but especially for people suffering from TMJ Disorder. Jaw breakers, suckers (especially the caramel apple ones), Werther’s hard caramel, Life Savers, and Jolly Ranchers are some of the hard candy to avoid this holiday season. Even if you’re sucking on them, tension in the mouth and jaw is still increased ten-fold.


Although there are certainly candies to avoid, there are many that can be consumed by TMJ patients without any negative effects on the pain. Plain chocolate is always good and won’t cause unnecessary stress and tension in the jaw. Reese’s, whoppers (if you let them melt in your mouth), and peanut butter M&Ms are also safe to eat when being conscious of TMJ pain.

Halloween can still be delicious and fun, despite the ongoing battle with TMD. If you’re tired of experiencing pain this holiday season, contact us and schedule a consultation at one of our three convenient, wonderful offices. The consultation is an hour long spent with Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS himself, where he gets to know you and your symptoms, and performs many tests in order to properly diagnose and plan your individualized treatment. For more information about our consultations, click HERE. With Dr. Sid Solomon’s high TMJ Disorder success rate, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling an appointment today.

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