Diagnosing and Treating TMJ Disorder: Dr. Sid Solomon

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Although there are many symptoms that indicate TMJ Disorder, Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS uses the most advanced and precise technological tools and computerized programming to properly diagnose and accurately treat TMD. With nearly thirty years of practice and countless years of specialty education, Dr. Solomon is esteemed by colleagues and patients as the leading TMJ expert and TMJ specialist in Los Angeles.  While Dr. Solomon uses the K7 and TENS units for proper bite positioning, he also uses various highly advanced diagnostic tools to help during the TMJ consultation visit.

The T-Scan machine takes a direct occlusal reading of the bite, from the commencement to the conclusion of treatment.   With the assistance of this tool,  Dr. Solomon can see exactly where and which teeth are touching, and whether the bite is even or if it is too heavy on one side or the other. Once the bite is registered, the T-Scan software then builds a map, showing the highest points of contact, and where the possible unevenness lies.

Once the T-Scan recordings are complete, Dr. Solomon utilizes Posture Pro software which features and highlights the body’s postural issues. Unbeknownst to many, posture plays a huge role in TMJ Disorder: if you would like to read more about it,HERE is a previous blog about the direct correlation between posture and TMD. Using a picture taken during the appointment, Dr. Solomon performs a lateral exam, which produces a posture number. With this information, which also shows stress points and the probable future digression of the body if it remains untreated, Dr. Solomon can diagnose even further and more accurately, as well as incorporate posture correction into the ideal TMJ treatment plan.

With the assistance of these technological tools and TMJ advancements, Dr. Sid Solomon is equipped to properly diagnose TMJ Disorder.   The combination of his exponential knowledge, experience, and advanced equipment renders Dr. Solomon’s treatment plans as ideal as possible.  In the words of his patients, Dr. Solomon’s treatment for TMJ is  “lifesaving”.

If you are one of the nearly four million Americans suffering from this sometimes excruciating disorder, you owe it to yourself to come in for a consultation and see why Dr. Solomon, DDS is one of the most renowned Los Angeles neuromuscular dentists and TMJ experts in the country.

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