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by | Nov 13, 2021 | TMJ

Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS is above all a neuromuscular dentist, meaning he has a broad understanding of the head and neck, including all of its joints and muscles. Because of this genuine and deep knowledge of how the head and neck works and corresponds with the body, Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS is a leading Los Angeles TMJ expert. In a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Solomon spends an hour solely with the patient, asking questions and examining the patient, before finding the patient’s diagnosis and producing a treatment plan to help the patient get back to living their life pain free.

TMD is a disorder with the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is when the hinge that connects the upper and lower jaw isn’t working properly. The TMJ is one of the most important and complex joints in the body, and is responsible for moving the jaw, so anything that prevents this system of muscles, ligaments, discs, and bones is incredibly problematic. Often times, patients experience a lot of pain, including in their face, neck and shoulders, clicking and popping of the jaw, and even lock jaw.


Because Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS has been practicing dentistry for nearly thirty years, he also knows an exorbitant amount about the bite. The doctor’s objective is to correct the bite and realign the jaw, which he does by determining the optimal positioning of the jaw by measuring the relaxed position of the head and neck muscles. With this information, the doctor then re-positions the jaw to achieve those ideal measurements, primarily using an orthotic device. Because Dr. Sid Solomon is a dentist, he also can do a full mouth reconstruction to get the patient’s smile to perfection, giving them their self-esteem back on top of their new found symptom free life.  If you’re experiencing TMD symptoms, or have been diagnosed and want to begin treatment, come in for a consultation with Dr. Solomon so he can help change and better your life.

Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS talking about TMJ on television:

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