Bad Posture + Bad Bite = TMJ Disorder

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In Dr. Sid Solomon’s nearly thirty years of experience, he has successfully treated many cases of TMJ disorders, or TMD. TMD symptoms include pain in the jaw, dizziness, ringing in the ears, headaches and migraines, mouth pain, neck and shoulder pain, and clicking, popping and locking of the jaw. Sometimes, patients find that they are experiencing TMJ symptoms but have ruled out the most probable causes including but not by any means limited to trauma to the head and jaw, teeth grinding or clenching, braces, and even nail biting! Although a lesser known cause, one of the largest factors behind TMJ disorders is actually posture.


When all of your joints, bones, and muscles are properly aligned, the body runs and functions the best. When the body is in a certain position often, slouched in a chair at your computer desk for example, you are actually training your body to hold itself in that position. Although habitual, bad posture has a snowball effect, and eventually your misaligned spine can cause your bottom jaw to move, which then causes a bad bite. An off bite is one of the main contributing factors behind TMJ disorder.


If you realize that your posture is less than ideal, it is beneficial to focus on bettering it. Studies have shown that you should practice standing and sitting straight so that your body will be retrained in a positive manner. This means keeping your shoulders back and lengthening your spine. It is also best to avoid leaning forward and resting your face in or on your hands, because that causes immediate stress and pressure on your jaw. Once your posture begins changing for the better, eventually your body will align properly again, including your jaw. 


If you are already suffering from TMJ pain or other symptoms, however, call Dr. Sid Solomon DDS, LA best TMJ expert,  today and schedule your TMJ consultation at any of his three offices. Dr. Solomon will sit down with you and find the best suited plan to rid you of your pain, and help you live your best life.


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