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Headaches, Tinnitus, Neck Pain, Facial Pain, Jaw Clicking, or Sleep Apnea

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Dr Solomon

Meet Dr. Solomon

Dr. Sid Solomon is the founder and director of the Facial Academy of Cosmetics and Esthetics and the inventor of UniTox®. He has been in practice for over 25 years with a wide scope of services, from cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry to full-mouth reconstructive dentistry. He cultivated his extensive knowledge through attendance of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies; he also graduated from Occlusion Connections. Throughout his years, he has made the treatment of TMJ and related conditions one of his main focal points.

TMJ Treatment

There are various ways to treat TMJ disorder, and the severity of your condition will often dictate the best route. Most commonly, your dentist will have you wear an orthotic, or mouth guard, to help correct your bite. This mouth guard is generally worn at night and will, over time, cause your jaw to shift into the correct position.

Advanced or unique cases of TMJ may warrant specific exercises, injections, massages, or surgery. Physical therapy has become a popular strategy to help treat TMJ.






Sleep Apnea


Neck pain


Shoulder pain


Facial pain


Jaw clicking


Bite troubles

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on the upper jaw, connecting the jawbone to the skull. It can easily be felt during chewing or yawning. Do you suffer from sleep apnea and shoulder pain? Do you feel a clicking in your jaw when you chew? Has treatment eluded you? These may be symptoms of TMJ disorder.



Any of these symptoms can point to TMJ. It’s crucial that you speak with a TMJ specialist who can correctly identify the problems, examine your jaw for any abnormalities or problems, and treat you to relieve the pain.

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If you’ve been experiencing jaw pain or any of the symptoms above, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder. It’s crucial that you address the issue to prevent a lifetime of suffering. With proper treatment, TMJ disorder can be appropriately managed.

What separates Dr. Solomon from other dentists is his commitment to every single patient. No matter what is going on in the outside world or in the office, he is dedicated to his patient throughout their examination.

    Contact Dr. Solomon today to learn more and to set up an appointment, as well as a complimentary TMJ ultrasound.