Spotting the Warning Signs of TMJ

Spotting the Warning Signs of TMJ

Spotting the Warning Signs of TMJ

What To Do

TMJ has many unpleasant symptoms, and knowing how to spot the early warning signs of the disorder can help patients get diagnosed more quickly. We’ve compiled a list below of the effects that undiagnosed TMJ disorder can have on a person. While these uncomfortable things can all definitely be symptoms of TMJ, not one of them is an inarguable indication, and getting examined by a doctor is the only way to know for sure. If someone has repeatedly experienced symptoms like these, the next step should be to contact a doctor and find out if they are the results of TMJ.

  1. Pain in the Jaw

One of the most noticeable early warning signs for TMJ disorder is a continued pain in the jawline. While there are certain positions and conditions that cause jaw pain, a prolonged and ceaseless pain in the jaw is a reliable early warning sign of TMJ disorder.

  1. Chewing Difficulties

No one wants to be impaired from life’s most common activity: eating. Unfortunately, TMJ disorder can cause chewing difficulties in its early stages, and it can get worse if untreated. If you are experiencing chewing difficulties, booking an appointment with a specialist is the safest step to take next to avoid further complications.

  1. Pain in the Neck

TMJ disorder basically takes the spine and area from the shoulders up of a human body hostage with pain, and the early warning signs manifest themselves as pain in each area. Neck pain, studies suggest, is caused by TMJ disorder a significant percent of the time with all patients. The back of the neck is one of the most common areas reported to hurt in early TMJ disorder’s stages, but any area of the neck can be affected.

  1. Headaches

Even though headaches can stem from a number of medical issues, TMJ disorder can definitely manifest itself in early cases by causing headaches for sufferers. Grinding of the teeth from TMJ disorder results in headaches, and patients are none the wiser of the underlying issues causing that until a doctor gives them a diagnosis.

  1. Locked Jaw

One very discernible affliction caused by TMJ disorder is locked jaw, and it can affect TMJ patients of any stage. If a sufferer has an incident in which the jaw is ‘locked,’ or stuck in position as open or shut, then that discomfort could likely be a warning sign of TMJ. While it is typically far worse in later stages, it can still manifest itself early.

Knowledge Is Power

Getting diagnosed and treated as early as possible will increase chances of making TMJ disorder more manageable for sufferers. No diagnosis of TMJ is welcome, but at the very least, knowing the warning signs well enough to get diagnosed early enables potential TMJ patients to know what signs to look for and when they need to see a doctor. If anyone has symptoms that could be early indicators of TMJ disorder, then Dr. Solomon wants to help, and you can click here to call him and book an appointment.