How to Find a Real TMJ Doctor

How to Find a Real TMJ Doctor

How to Find a Real TMJ Doctor

These days, finding a real TMJ doctor is like finding a needle in a haystack. Every doctor claims they can deal with TMJ and help relieve your pain, but the truth is that only a select few are properly trained in this field. It is important to understand and consider the following factors when choosing a TMJ doctor or TMJ expert for your special TMJ needs.

Doctor’s Education and Background in TMJ

All dentists must go through the basics of general dentistry before they branch out into more specific areas. It is not probable that your general dentist will have TMJ experience – instead, you’ll likely need a referral for a TMJ expert like Dr. Sid Solomon.

Occlusion, for example, is briefly touched on in dental school, but it is an integral part of understanding and treating TMJ disorder. Therefore, TMJ experts have sought knowledge through additional education courses and programs. It’s in your best interest to seek out dentists who’ve gone above and beyond in their practice. Dr. Solomon is a perfect example of this pursuit of knowledge – he has completed various courses at the Las Vegas Institute for Dental Studies (LVI) and Occlusion Connections and continues to make advances in the field.

Dr. Solomon is one of the only truly certified TMJ doctors in Los Angeles.  

Experience with TMJ Cases

Jaw pain? It might be TMJ. Photo by cookie_studio on Freepik.

It is important to view the extent of your doctor’s experience with TMJ patients and cases. When looking for a TMJ doctor, you do not want to select one who handles a small handful of TMJ cases per year. On the other hand, a TMJ dentist who only handles TMJ cases may have too narrow of a scope.

The ideal blend is a doctor who consistently sees TMJ patients and who is well-versed in other areas of dentistry. This will allow him to use all his branches of knowledge to diagnose and treat the problems coinciding with TMJ disorder.

Dr. Solomon’s experience as a GNM dentist, paired with his capabilities regarding dental implants, is a great example. His myriad reviews speak for themselves.

Specialized Technology for TMJ

TMJ cases generally require specialized technology for diagnoses and treatment. If your dentist does not use specific technology to identify or help your TMJ, you certainly should look elsewhere. Your TMJ doctor should have technology like K7 and TENS on hand.

K7 is a system that helps evaluate the jaw – it scans the mandible to determine the range and type of motion, records the electrical impulses emitted from your jaw muscles, and analyzes the various sounds of the temporomandibular joint during use.

TENS is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It transmits electrical pulses directly onto the nerves, which causes muscles in the jaw to relax. This is a great way to prevent stiffness and discomfort arising from TMJ disorder.

Dr. Solomon uses these technologies and more in his treatment of TMJ disorder.

The Care of a TMJ Doctor

While it’s very important to ensure that your TMJ doctor knows the ins and outs of TMJ disorder, it’s equally important to select a doctor who will be dedicated to you. A good bedside manner is key, as is openness and transparency. You need a dentist who will take the time to deal with ongoing issues, who will keep you informed about the why and how of treatment, and will truly care about easing your discomfort.

You’ll also be best off with a practice that exhibits that same level of care. Pursue a practice with sufficient ancillary staff members who will help at all times. TMJ is a highly specialized area, and adequately educated and capable staff members will be able to keep you satisfied in between appointments with your dentist.

Selecting Dr. Sid Solomon – TMJ Expert

Fortunately, Dr. Sid Solomon possesses all of these qualities and many more. He’s highly regarded as the most accomplished and capable TMJ doctor in Los Angeles. He has dedicated decades to solving the pain puzzle of TMJ and he continues to make strides in the field. As the gold standard for TMJ doctors, Dr. Solomon is the right choice for you.

Contact us today to make an appointment to treat your TMJ disorder with the help of Dr. Solomon.