Therapeutic Botox for TMJ Courses with Dr. Sid Solomon

Therapeutic Botox for TMJ Courses with Dr. Sid Solomon

Therapeutic Botox for TMJ Courses with Dr. Sid Solomon

When anyone becomes an expert in their field, it’s almost a rite of passage to begin passing on knowledge. Giving others the fair opportunity to learn from you in the way that you learned from others allows knowledge to stay preserved and to keep benefiting those interested in pursuing it. Regardless of the field, whether in the creative arts or in the world of dentistry, experts who gravitate towards teaching have felt fulfillment and satisfaction from their efforts. Dr. Sid Solomon is no exception – he’s an engaging instructor in his own right and teaches courses on TMJ and therapeutic Botox.


dr. solomon teaching
Dr. Solomon before a hands-on lesson.


Dr. Sid Solomon’s Teaching Background

Dr. Sid Solomo was a board member of the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Dental School. After he invented the UniTox syringe, he founded F.A.C.E. – the Facial Academy of Cosmetics and Aesthetics. The UniTox syringe is the only FDA-approved syringe that correctly measures a Botox unit. Two years later, Dr. Solomon partnered with ADCE Advanced Dental Institute to offer a more cohesive and organized class structure.

Dr. Solomon creates all of the course materials himself at the beginning of each year. The ADCE organizes the classes and the State Dental Board writes the outline. They’re affiliated through The American General Dentistry’s Program Approval for Continuing Education.


Therapeutic Botox Course with Dr. Solomon


dr. solomon teaching
Students and dentists learning directly from Dr. Solomon.

Initially, Dr. Solomon taught a number of courses but now focuses primarily on therapeutic Botox treatments for TMJ disorder and dental implants.

The therapeutic Botox course is set up for dentists who wish to include TMJ disorder treatment in their practices. Dentists learn about Botox and what it is; its uses and effects on TMJ disorder; possible resolutions for TMJ; potential side effects of Botox treatment; and more in-depth anatomy of the jaw and temporomandibular joint.

Each course is small, seating only a maximum of 12 students. The therapeutic Botox course is an intensive 2-day lesson. The first day is a didactic instructional, while the second day is a clinical course. On the second day, dentists bring in their own models and learn to inject with the supervision and guidance of Dr. Solomon.

There are two levels to the courses: the introductory course and the advanced course. Over the course of a year, Dr. Solomon teaches about 12 courses; therefore, fewer than 150 dentists learn the ins and outs of TMJ at the tutelage of the leading GNM dentist and TMJ expert in Los Angeles.


Why take a course with Dr. Solomon?

The main draw of a course with Dr. Solomon is the wealth of knowledge to be gained. Many dentists interested in learning more about TMJ will take the course to expand their practice. Dentists and licensed injectors take the course to best learn how to utilize therapeutic Botox for the treatment of TMJ.

Often, TMJ disorder is not addressed in dental school. This makes the course an attractive option for graduate students who want to learn as much as possible about other niche areas of dentistry as they continue with their formal education.


Praise for Dr. Solomon’s Instructionals

Because Dr. Solomon is engaging and hands-on during the courses, dentists and students greatly enjoy their time with him. He keeps the classes fun and interactive, and he makes sure to use his extensive knowledge to answer any and all questions that are raised.

He’s made it his life’s work to solve the pain puzzle of TMJ disorder, and he considers it invaluable knowledge to share with dentists. He believes in broadening their perspective and helping them notice other issues that might be present with their patients. Often, TMJ is a blind spot for many dentists, but after taking Dr. Solomon’s course, they’re able to incorporate treatment into their own practices.

Below, you can find reviews left by dentists who took Dr. Solomon’s course.

Kelsey Higa: I recently took Dr. Solomon’s course for Botox, fillers and TMD and WOW! It was an absolutely wonderful experience and it opened up a whole new world of dentistry for me. The lecture portion was very organized and went over every facet needed in order to smoothly incorporate these methods into practice. The hands on portion was my favorite, he was very patient and helped every student in the class perform Botox and fillers successfully and confidently. I feel confident in my skills and can’t wait to expand on the knowledge I learned from him. Thank you Dr. Solomon and team for all your hard work and dedication! Can’t wait to take level 2!!

Maria L.: Took the Therapeutic Botox, fillers, and TMJ/TMD course level 1 with Dr. Solomon and it was great! The first day was a long lecture, but honestly not bad at all because Dr. Solomon is very engaging and very funny. The first day was daunting learning through a lecture but when it was hands on Dr. Solomon walks you through it and is right by your side through any and every procedure that you want to do. I’m so glad I took this course and very thankful he was the instructor. The weekend course was not only so informative and educational, but very fun. Thank you Dr. Solomon and team for the great course!


Learn More About TMJ Disorder

Read more to learn about TMJ Disorder, including symptoms, potential causes, treatments, and more. The information is important for both dentists and patients alike – identifying the problems can help dentists better treat patients, and patients who are familiar with TMJ symptoms can bring it up to their dentists. Dr. Solomon has been in practice for more than 35 years, and his extensive field of experience has led him to grow into the leading TMJ expert in the City of Los Angeles.

For more information about Dr. Solomon’s courses, visit the Advanced Dental Center’s website.